US Money Reserve Limited Special Offer Includes eBook & Gold Coin

Doesn’t it seem like the number of global risks continue to rise? You can talk about North Korea, earthquakes or even troubles at home, like Illinois possibly filing bankruptcy. Thankfully, US Money Reserve, America’s Gold Authority has released an exclusive eBook entitled The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money. Learn how you can plan ahead with this thought-provoking eBook and acquire some gold coins with this limited time offer.

Americans Have Weathered Many Storms

The American people have been very resilient, partially due to their foresight and wisdom. During the Great Depression, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt trusted in gold to help the nation survive.

Nowadays, there are many dangers. Brexit has left people uncertain with the threat of trade wars looming. The petrodollar is beginning to lose its influence. Instead of OPEC determining the fate of oil prices, Saudi Arabia and Russia met in China. Will looming trade wars cause the American dollar to lose value?

The special report, listed above, lays out the problems and provides you with a credible solution. If you plan ahead, you can preserve your wealth in an asset that might not be as effected by the devaluation of paper currencies.

Former US Mint Director Diehl

The US Mint regularly makes assessments of global risks. Former US Mint Director Philip N. Diehl understands what dangers lurk around the world and how rich people have survived in the past. He now heads the U.S. Money Reserve, which is making this special eBook and gold coin offer available.

“Gold has long been the world’s safe-haven asset, which is why we see gold’s greatest price surges during times of economic uncertainty,” said U.S. Money Reserve president Philip N. Diehl. “It is tangible and less vulnerable to volatility, making gold a powerful government-approved tool in protecting your savings from global risk and potential loss.” If you need some proof, consider Brexit – the gold price skyrocketed as paper currencies fell.

With this limited time special offer, you receive this valuable eBook and 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle Coin. You not only get the information, but you also get the solution.

No one knows how long the dangers will last, Brexit is still unresolved after a year. After you buy gold, you have some of your wealth in a precious metal. This diversifies your financial portfolio and gives you the trusted safe haven of kings.

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