Richard Mishaan’s Artfully Modern Beekman Residence

Richard Mishaan’s design aesthetic reminds me of Mies of Van der Rohe’s “Less is More” with a twist. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, imitation as a form of inspiration is the ultimate form of praise. Richard Mishaan has taken the simplicity of Van der Rohe’s concept but added the familiarity of color and artwork to make his spaces more relatable.


Richard Mishaan’s Beekman Residence in the Upper West Side of New York City, has the clean lines and pure white reminiscent of Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus movement, but is embellished with carefully selected artwork. Take for example, the kitchen, with its pure white furniture, creatively accented with a bold red table. The floor to ceiling beach scene collage on the back wall, has small amount of red throughout which perfectly reflect the table tying the entire concept together.


The living room features simply upholstered furniture in off white, and the splash of color provided by the bold paintings beckons you to sit down and get comfortable. Richard Mishaan’s signature coffee table reveals a collection of books ready to inform the reader. I can just imagine sitting in this room in anticipation of hearing inspirational stories of design, while Richard Mishaan and his artist wife, Marcia Rolfe Mishaan prepare the champagne, crackers and cheese.


Richard Mishaan received his Bachelor’s in Arts degree from New York University and attended the Columbia University School of Architecture. After completing his education he interned in the offices of the renowned architect Phillip Johnson.


Mishaan was born in Colombia and has authored two books.