The Lung Institute’s Remarkable Usage of Stem Cells

Stem Cell is the building block that is essential to every organism’s life. It self-replicate and renew, and it’s able to form any tissue within one’s body. When it comes to adults, their stem cells are undifferentiated which means cells from one body part can change their function into other kinds of tissue, and this is called plasticity. Plasticity is the main stem cells’ function for regenerative medicine.

Stem cell therapy can be used for many major lung illnesses. It can be used to treat emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), interstitial lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis, and chronic bronchitis. The Lung Institute’s usage of stem cells is derived from the patient’s own body which is extracted from the blood and bone marrow. Then they are separated and returned intravenously to the patient which promotes healing, Within a heartbeat or so, the stem cells usually are transmitted to the lungs, and then the blood distributes the stem cells throughout the body.

About The Lung Institute

With several locations throughout the US, The Lung Institute was established to improve life quality for patients suffering with chronic lung diseases. Quality of life can be drastically impaired mentally and physically for those suffering with such illnesses, like pulmonary fibrosis and COPD. Patients suffering from such illnesses can’t even do simple tasks, such as walk to the mailbox; cook a meal, and more.

For the longest, traditional options of treatment came with negative side effects. According to the Baylor College of Medicine, these treatments may relieve symptoms, but it didn’t eliminate the progression of the disease. And because of the lack of effective and available treatment options, The Lung Institute developed a protocol of stem cell therapy to treat lung diseases a lot more proficiently than with relieving the symptoms. And furthermore, The Lung Institute continues to improve lives by offering various services, performing continual stem cell research, and providing informative and empowering articles.

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Madison Street Capital Recognized as the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Finalist

The M&A Advisor has recognized Madison Street Capital as a finalist in the 15th M&A Awards. The Chicago-based company has transformed the lives of many consumers in the recent times, and this is was nominated. The prestigious awards are respected as a mark of top performance, especially in the finance sector. The awards are given to companies in the industry in recognition of excellence. They also celebrate the outstanding accomplishments and contributions of successful institutions and individuals in the finance and banking world.


According to a report from Madison Street Capital, the organization was nominated in two special categories; the Boutique Investment Firm of the Year and the International and Industrial Deal of the year under $100. Madison Street Capital Management believes that it got the boutique investment firm of the year because of the unique part it played during the acquisition of Acuna and Asociados. The international company was acquired by Dowco, and the whole process was facilitated by experienced and knowledgeable professionals greatly improving Madison Street Capital reputation.


Charles Botchway, the founder and chief executive officer of the investment banking firm, says that his successful company is jubilant to have been involved in the acquisition process. Botchway says that Dowco has been one of the longstanding clients of the company, and being involved in the transaction was a great honor. The experienced president says that the deal makers in his firm had to work very hard across the different time zones to make the transaction smooth. Karl D’Cunha says that the acquisition process was a very complicated affair, just because it was a cross border operation.


Madison Street Capital was established several years ago by Charles Botchway and other partners who wanted to transform the banking and investment industry. The company is headquartered in Chicago, and it has branches in different parts of the globe. Madison Street Capital has managed to win the hearts of many clients from all other the world. The firm specializes in business valuation services, private equity, and corporate tax planning services, investment banking, venture capital services, mergers, and acquisitions. The successful of the firm is attributed to its significant commitment to excellent customer care service, integrity, effective leadership and quality service delivery. The company employs a team of experts who are experienced in the industry.

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Heiligenstein Speaks Out At the Williamson County Growth Summit

When discussing transit in Austin, the talks usually center on transport in the city. However, the Williamson County Growth Summit held on Thursday presented a chance to talk about transport issues affecting the area’s suburban people.

The discussion panel featured Mike Heiligenstein, the Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Joseph Kopser, the RideScout LLC founder, Leandre Johns from Uber Technologies Inc, and Jared Ficklin from Argo Design. The forum which was hosted at Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center focused on the way technology was changing transportation in Austin and all over the world.

The Positions of Leaders at the Williamson County Growth Summit

Heiligenstein was quick to acknowledge the effect of modern technology, like ride sharing applications and driverless vehicles, on transforming transport infrastructure.

He; however, reiterated the need for Austin to build more roads, particularly smart roads, to accommodate the growing demand in new forms of transportation. Mike Heiligenstein observed that in the coming days, it will be necessary to make the corridors smarter, more efficient, and technologically advanced

Ficklin, in response to the question of how to prepare for the future demands of transportation, stated that land and building codes needed to be flexible.

He noted that roads and parking lots could not be downplayed even with the introduction of autonomous vehicles. He remarked that future parking lots would have parking lots that were one inch taller than the vehicles. Furthermore, the parking areas would consist of multiple levels with a charging station and service station on separate levels.

About Mike Heiligenstein

Mike Heiligenstein serves as Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s executive director. CTRM was formed in 2002 with the aim of designing a state of the art transportation network for the Central Texas area. The projects that Mobility Authority embarks in are carefully lbeen with Mobility Authority beginning with its inception.

He was in charge of the team that was involved in the 183A project, one of the first initiatives in Williamson County aimed at transforming the transport network into an electronic toll and cashless collection system. Mobility Authority is currently completed the 290 Toll program and is now focused on Express Lanes.

Mike is also in charge of the International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association. He also works on the advisory board of Texas A &M Transportation Institute. Before joining Mobility Authority, Mike was a public statesman concerned with attending to the issues affecting Williamson residents.

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David Giertz Gives Take on Social Security

The life insurance and financial planning industry is very important when it comes to ensuring people are financially prepared for the future. One of the leading professionals in the industry is David Giertz, who is currently the SVP of Nationwide Life Insurance Company, specifically in the Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales division.

Giertz has dedicated the majority of his career to selling products and consulting services to those that are in need with financial planning assistance. Giertz has also gone on record several times, through a number of different interviews, discussing the state of the social security system in the United States. This includes a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal.

While being interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, David Giertz gave a number of candid opinions about the social security system in the United States. He stated that the system was initially formed with good intentions, but it is currently headed toward financial failure without some major change. Currently, the system on is expected to last no more than 25 more years before it starts to lose money. The potential for loss is due to a variety of factors including increased life expectancy, retirement of the baby boomers, and less younger professionals in the country.

Because of the looming issue with social security at, it is very likely that the system will be changing in coming years. One of the most likely changes that will be coming will be a delay in the retirement age. Right now people will receive their full benefit at 67, but that age is likely to be moved back in the near future. It is also likely that the level of income will decline. Giertz further stated on that due to these changes to the system coming in the future, people need to plan and save even more to compensate.

Brian Bonar: A Versatile, Visionary Business Executive

Brian Bonar is a talented, visionary leader. Born in Scotland, he earned a mechanical engineer degree from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland. He also has both an MBA as well as a PhD from Staffordshire University in England in International Business Development Studies.

After completing his education, Bonar spent the next 18 years working with IBM Europe. That enabled him to make connections with printer makers in Japan and Korea. Those connections would become valuable later in his career.

After leaving IBM Europe, Bonar held leadership positions in a number of companies. First he spent just over 4 years as director of engineering with QMS. There he was in charge of a team of software and hardware engineers. He then worked with Rastek Corporation as a vice president.

Next, he became sales manager of Adaptec and helped them to connect with printer manufacturers in Asia. In 1994 Bonar founded his own printer company, Bezier Systems. After running it for a year, he became vice president of sales and marketing for the printing company itec imaging technologies from 1995 until 1999.

Bonar then became involved in another industry. He was hired as president of Allegiant Proffesional Business Services a company which sold insurance products. He also became chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services, a position which he still holds.

Bonar was The Solvis Group’s chairman and CEO from 2003 to 2006. In 2006 Brian Bonar founded AMS Outsourcing and in 2011 he became CEO and chairman of Trucept, a temporary staffing and insurance services company. Bonar was also a member of the board of Warning Management Corporation, The Solvis Group, America Marine LLC, Dalrada Financial Corporation and Alliance National Insurance Company.

Recently Brian Bonar has become involved in the restaurant industry in San Diego, California. He hired Patrick Pontasy, an award-winning French chef and opened Bellamy’s. With chef Pontasy’s unique talent and Bonar’s vision and management skills, the restaurant was an instant success.

Bonar then bought a 144 acres of land and built a restaurant and event space called The Ranch at Brandy’s Canyon. The facility also has a working farm. It’s quickly becoming destination dining for locals and visitors alike.

Part of the reason for Brian Bonar’s success in so many industries is his wide array of valuable skills. They include turn around management, restructuring, process improvement, new business development, employee relations, finance sourcing, venture capital, private equity, sales, marketing strategy, and lead generation.

According to Bloomberg, many people describe Brian Bonar as being a strategy oriented, gifted man with the rare combination of problem solving skills and the ability to make things happen. Plus he’s bright, articulate and creative and he’s shown the versatility to be able to succeed in any industry.


Why Is Wen By Chaz Unique?

Wen by Chaz was created by Chaz Dean, an L.A. stylist to the stars. The product line includes several unique products that enhance the strength, texture, shine, and sheen of the hair. These products have been around for several years now, with thousands of women proudly showing off flawless hair after use.

Wen by Chaz products are unique, work wonderfully on all hair types, and have been scientifically-researched so that you get the immaculate results that you seek.

The Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner is the most popular of the products offered in the line. The Cleansing Conditioner is a five-in-one formula that works to deep condition and replenishing the hair while it also cleanses it deep down. The amazing part is that the Cleansing Conditioner works without any water needed. Simply follow the simple instructions on the package and in no time, you’ll have cleansed, conditioned hair. After using the product only one time, you’ll love the results. With continued use, you’ll be ready to go to L.A. and personally thank Chaz Dean for your incredible hair.

This product, as well as the many others in the Wen by Chaz line, is unique for many reasons. You can search, but you won’t find, a product that is as amazing as those created by Dean. Not only does the cleansing Conditioner and other products use natural ingredients to prevent stripping the hair of its natural oils, they also work to revive the health of the hair. The results of the Cleansing Conditioner are noticeable after the very first use. Furthermore, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee offered with the products sold in the Wen by Chaz hair care line. You can try them out and learn if they exceed your expectations. If not, you can get a refund of your money!

Jewish Region Teaching Center- Kabbalah

Madonna got interested in Kabbalah a move that was also taken by some celebrities in Hollywood. Madonna’s interest led to her opening more than one Kabbalah centers in the United States. Madonna went ahead to invest heavily on the Jewish tradition and was followed by a number of other celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears, Sandra Bernhard, Paris Hilton, and Marylin Monroe. The big question that has remained in the minds of people is why the big names have decided to change and dedicate to culture and religion they were not born.

According to Sandra Bernhard, the Kabbalah has eliminated 80% of her problems. Another Hollywood celebrity Paris Hilton, also agreed with Sandra saying that after her separation with Nick Carter, she went to one of the Kabbalah centers and she was given a red bracelet that has been assisting her cope with life.  According to an interview conducted by Times Magazine, it was clear that not all Hollywood celebrities joined Kabbalah due to their personal problems, instead, some like the late Sammy Davis, he just wanted to be part of one of the ancient religions in the world and hold to something that was not only material which at the end of the day will give him inner strength.

Kabbalah Center International is a non-profit organization which has its Headquarters in Los Angles, California. The primary purpose of establishing the Kabbalah Center is to provide teachings on Zohar and Kabbalistic. Since the foundation of Kabbalah Center, it has been offering the teaching online as well as through their centers all over the world.

The Kabbalah teachings were first presented by its founder Phillip Berg and his lovely wife, Karen Berg. The Jewish religion teaching center has staffs who are dedicated to offering the Kabbalistic teachings to their students all over the world.

How EOS Significantly Increased Sales in the Lip Balm Industry

Anyone who keeps up with the latest Facebook trends for celebrities has probably seen some of their favorite stars carrying little pastel colored spheres. These spheres contain a lip balm product produced by a company called Evolution of Smooth. The fact that these colorful orbs have become staples with people like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian, is due to the way the founders chose to market their revolutionary new product. They needed an interesting and appealing angle if they were going to beat out the existing products in the lip balm market.

An Unusual Marketing Strategy

In an online article co-founder Sanjiv Mehra talks about how their company managed to propel sales in the lip balm industry to over $2 billion dollars. Not only did the team behind Evolution of Smooth decide to change the way lip balms looked, they also changed the way they performed. EOS lip balm catered to the need for organic products with their line of all natural lip balms. These balms are formulated to stimulate the senses in a manner not previously available in the lip balm market. Targeting the senses became the primary focus of how the balm would be created and presented to the general public.

This led them to create a different type of package, which ended up becoming the palm sized sphere used today. The team also conducted a survey among women to see what type of beauty products they were more inclined to purchase. This information was extremely helpful in the creation of both the package and the balm. Their strategy paid off big time when women began choosing the colorful little spheres filled with flavorful balms over the name brand generic products.

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Michael Zomber: Forty Years Of Expertise In Ancient Arms And Armor

He has been a History Channel guest historian numerous times during the series called Tales of the Gun. He shared his expertise on the segments on Guns of the Orient, Guns of the Famous, Dueling Pistols, Million Dollar Guns, Automatic Pistols and Shotguns. Zomber is also a recognized expert on Japanese samurai swords. He is also a published author that has written several historical novels and has produced Soul of the Samurai, a critically acclaimed documentary film.

A husband and father of two, Zomber is a native of Washington D.C. and lives just outside Philadelphia with his wife and children. He attended UCLA where he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English Literature as well as a BS in Psychology. At heart Michael Zomber is a story teller. He has written over a dozen screenplays as well as several historical novels including Son of Kentucky, Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, Sweet Betsy, Shogun Iemitsu and Jesus and the Samurai. He also wrote Park Avenue, a book that looks at high level art auctions and is based on personal experiences with Christie’s, Sotheby’s and major auction houses. He also owns Renascent Films LLC with his wife Andrea.

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Michael Zomber is an expert in 16th to 19th century American, European, Islamic and Japanese arms and armor. He points out that French King Louis XIII, King Ludwig of Bavaria, Russia’s Katherine the Great and President Abraham Lincoln all collected and commissioned fine firearms. Zomber sees his role as someone who is preserving exquisite ancient arms for future generations.

Historian Zomber understands the futility and horrors of war. Therefore he supports a number of non-governmental organizations that consistently work towards and foster peace. Those organizations include UNICEF, Global Exchange, Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders,, Randolph Bourne Institute, Disabled American Veterans, The Smile Train and Get Lit.

Failing in School is not the End with Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an American businessman who does not attribute his success to mere luck. He instead says that success is as a result of hard work and determination. Having faced failure several times, he says that it keeps him on his toes and does not see himself above other people.

To inspire other people to be like him, he has published a book called They Can’t Eat You and uses his life as an example. Marc Sparks was not a bright student is school and graduated with a C grade. This did not discourage him. He put a lot of effort and is today known as an investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.

Marc Sparks has invested in several businesses and hence the title serial entrepreneur. Some of these businesses can be found in the telecommunication, real estate, and finance industries. He is a renowned venture capitalist meaning that he funds other people’s ideas and gets to profit in the process.

For your idea to receive funding by Marc Sparks, it must meet the following criteria. First, you must show some faith and pride in the product you are offering. Second, the product must be simple and straight to the point. Thirdly, he requires you to have a business strategy in your mind at all times. Finally, for you to receive some funding from Marc Sparks, the product you are offering must be unique and difficult to replicate by competitors.

Marc Sparks does not keep all the money he makes for himself but donates some to the less privileged. Being based in Dallas, Texas, Marc contributes for the Samaritan Inn.

Other than the Samaritan Inn, Marc Sparks is involved with the American Can! Academy. This is a network of magnets schools, and he is involved with raising fees for children from a poor background and supporting them with learning materials such as books and computers. Finally, on the issue concerning philanthropy, he is involved with the Sparky’s Kid Foundation where he helps poor kids. Marc has also built homes for the homeless with the Habitat for Humanity in the past.

As of today, Marc is involved with several companies. This includes Timber Creek Capital and Splash Media where he occupies the position of chief executive officer. Some of his roles with Timber Creek Capital involves providing financial assistance for his clients. Financial assistance can take many forms from capital, equipment, office space as well as banking services and marketing.

He is also involved with other firms such as Bonn Oir, Blue Jay Wireless, Cobalt Real Estate, and Agency Matrix.