The One Stop Shot


I don’t know about you, but I like websites where they have everything on them at once. It just makes things a heck of a lot easier for myself and for others. I don’t have to have multiple tabs open or multiple websites. I like knowing I can go to one website and get all of the information I need, no matter what that information is or what it requires. That is how college football bettors like it, and that is why they go to They know they will have everything they need on one website. This is a website that was built with the people in mind.


They wanted people to feel comfortable using it and have it be easy to use. In order to be taken seriously, they knew they had to have experts on the website. After all, no one wants to take college football predictions, point spreads, or covers from the average sports fan.  They have watched a lot of football and they know certain things that other people might not know or might have overlooked while scouting and betting on a game.


They also knew they wanted to add videos to their website. Everyone loves to watch a quick video and really dive right into it and hear straight from someone how they feel about a game and why they made the prediction they made. It is very reassuring and very fun to watch also, as you get to see them break it down from all angles and all aspects. They also wanted columns that would give them plenty of room to write about games and how they feel about them from many different angles.


As you can see, a lot of time, thought, and passion was put into and it shows. That is why people spend so much time on there. They know they are going to get the straight scoop and they can bet with confidence. They have everything on one single website, as mentioned, in many various formats. It is the place to be right before the big games on Saturday. You might even pick an upset prediction and come away lucky if you have done your homework and used

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  1. That is not to take anything from the average sports fan or insult them in any way. It is just to say that experts are experts for a reason. There has also been custom writing service that go everything done for them in nice manner and it makes good sense to me too.

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