Bob Reina: The Giving Never Ends

When it comes to giving back, it is not a one-time thing for Bob Reina. It is the kind of thing that he does all of the time and will keep on doing in his life. It is why his donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society of over one million dollars is truly something that should get people talking. It should get others to look inward and find out ways they can help out other people and other animals. Bob Reina is known for paying for other people’s vet bills if they are unable to afford them.


He is also the kind of person that starts up a company like Talk Fusion, a video communications company for people that aspire to get more out of life. Talk Fusion offers them the video technology like video newsletters and video emails. They are only going to expand and grow because Bob Reina is really, really happy with all of his employees and his IT team. Everyone is on the same page with the company and they know they want to make a difference. Bob Reina is always looking for new things to add to the company. They will never become stale or boring.


Bob Reina is also a former police officer, so he has saved a lot of lives while working in law enforcement. There is a lot to like about him, especially when someone reads an interview with him or sees him on television talking about Talk Fusion. He’s incredibly likable and genuine in his approach to everything. None of it feels scripted. He is speaking from the heart, and he has one of the biggest hearts out there. It is why it such a great time to join the Talk Fusion family right now, especially with their 30-day free trials for new customers.


It is an addicting product and that is meant in the most positive of ways. Once people try it all out and get the help they need from their top-notch customer service team, they see a whole new world has opened up for them. Learn more:

The Forefront of Personal Cyber Security

The Forefront of Personal Cyber Security

Hacking can happen suddenly without warning. If you use your debit card at a gas station, somebody can steal your credit card number. Personal cyber security can make sure hacking doesn’t happen so often. Rubica is located in the United States. Rubica works with the finance sector to promote personal cyber security in the United States. Cyber attacks happen often enough. Cyberattacks try to get as much information as possible in a very broad manner. There is an overall higher need for personal cyber security (HighTechChronical). Rubica is discreet, working in the shadows to protect your personal cyber security. With Rubica, you can protect your online security from hackers. Rubica is not based offshore but rather in the United States itself.

Rubica also has an iOS application, which is used to monitor your personal cyber security ( Rubica works to protect politicians from hacking as well as protecting older XP computers. Sometimes there are even insurance data security breaches, which Rubica steps in to take care of. Rubica is also aware that voting machines have been easily hacked. Being hacked on any level is not fun, especially when your money is stolen. Cyber criminals believe that individuals and families are easy targets, particularly the social security numbers of children. The Rubica application is also easy to download which means you can take steps in the present to protect your family. You have access to specialists 24/7 when you download the Rubica application. There is also a means to analyze data across all your devices to see what has been protected in real-time. The 30-minute cyber audit is free to start. Rubica strives to protect information first and foremost. Rubica’s system basically analyzes web traffic patterns, which protects your personal cyber security. Rubica blocks threats quickly, in an instant. Rubica’s reputation is that of protecting your peace of mind.

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