The Brown Modeling Agency Of Austin

What would it be like to be a model? Or what about influencing the lives and careers of models? James Brown, of the Brown Modeling Agency, knows about both worlds of working as a model and working to manage the careers of other models. His career in the industry began when he was just in college but his influence transcends into hundreds of lives of models working across stateliness and who will be working for years to come.


Born in Reno, Nevada the future model and businessman shortly moved across stateliness to California. James Brown began working in modeling at the age of eighteen. It was at this age, immediately after high school, he began making his rounds at various modeling agencies in southern California. At twenty-one, James was already dabbling into the world of model management. He worked with models and photographers on selecting the right photos. He helped to provide training to guide the models professional paths.


In 2005, James Brown moved to Austin, Texas. He saw the potential in the city’s culture of alternative and unique style for the modeling industry. He immediately began his own modeling business. With experience in the Los Angeles and New York markets, James knew he could take the budding talent of Austin and develop models for larger markets.


The Wilhelmina Austin Company acquired the Brown Modeling Agency. Who else, in Austin, would be more qualified and eager to run the agency than James Brown. He became the president and Chief Executive Officer of the agency. So far, James has done nothing but deliver amazing results for the agency. The agency works with several hundreds of models developing, training and ultimately booking them with dream jobs with major bigtime corporations. Models apart of the Brown Agency have been booked for jobs in other Texas cities like Dallas and Houston. But their talent has been noticed in other markets as well, landing them job opportunities in New York and Miami. To be able to walk in one of fashion’s biggest shows like New York Fashion week, proves that the Brown Modeling Agency is dedicated to pushing their modeling talent to the top tier of fashion opportunities. Check out



Because of James Brown’s work with the Brown Modeling Agency, Austin is taking off in the world of modeling. The agency has given significant insight on the talent of Austin. So many people from the area are growing in their careers with national campaigns. James’s experience of working in Los Angeles and New York City has taken Texan talent to the east and west cost. The models at this top agency in Austin are blowing up in print advertising, commercial bookings and fashion runway shows everywhere.