Samuel Strauch Provides Real Estate Investing Advice

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for information on how to get started in real estate. They see this industry as a great way to earn a decent income or start a highly lucrative business.

It’s true, real estate can make you a great income if you learn from a successful investor. If you are thinking about investing in real estate, it is absolutely essential to learn from an expert in the field. You need to find a professional that has great reputation and is well versed in all aspects of the real estate industry.

When it comes to making money or starting a highly lucrative business in the real estate field, look no further than Samuel Strauch – a successful entrepreneur and real estate expert in Miami, Florida.

Samuel Strauch has advised and helped people from all walks of life. His clients rave about the high quality help and coaching he provided to them. He is a caring person and reliable professional, and he takes the time to explain things in a way that even a novice can understand immediately.

The real estate industry has helped numerous people attain their dream of financial independence, and it can help you. You simply need to gain access to top notch resources and training to take you from where you are right now to where you want to be.

While the economy and property demand can affect your success in this business, there are ways to boost your chances of reaching your goal.

Samuel Strauch teaches effective strategies to produce huge profits in this industry. Samuel Strauch advises property buyers how to make huge profits and attain financial security through having ownership of multiple rental real estate properties. In addition, Samuel Strauch advises and guides beginners on the proven strategies of successful real estate investing.

Roberto Santiago Develops Many Places In Brazil

Roberto Santiago is a lovely developer who has spent years helping his home nation of Brazil to grow. He builds a number of different things that will make the country look better, and he knows that there are many people who will benefit when he is building properly. Every mall that he builds is the center of commerce in the community, and this article shows how Roberto is building a better Brazil in every state.

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#1: The Mall At Manaira

The mall that he is building in his home state will help grow much more than a few jobs. There are many jobs that will be made once the mall fills all its vacancies, and they will have more companies coming around that wish to build there. Building is a large part of growing jobs and residences, and someone who is searching for a better place to live and work will find what they need because of Roberto and his development firm.

#2: The Extra Developments

Making Brazil look beautiful is an important part of turning it into a world superpower, and all those who are looking for a better place to live and work will see new buildings such as those built by Roberto Santiago. He wishes to see his developments grow as much as possible, and he is often selling residences early, filling business slots and creating commercial or industrial space.

#3: Why Is Roberto Santiago Important To Brazil?

Roberto Santiago has been a major developer in the country for many years, and he is building new spaces for those who wish to live and work in the country. He knows that the country will continue to grow the more that he has developed, and he is searching for new places every year to build. The shopping mall he is working on is not his first development, and it is one in a long line of developments that will help the nation look good. Everyone who visits the places where Roberto has developed will find it quite exciting to see a new sort of Brazil, and it will be more beautiful than it ever was before.

#4: Why Develop In Every Area?

Roberto develops in every area that he finds profitable, and he knows that every new place he comes to will see benefits when he has grown jobs and developments in their area. The areas that he works in are prospering to this day because he has chosen a development that is better for everyone in the community.

Brazil looks better because of Roberto Santiago, and he is growing a lovely nation one building at a time. They range from residential to commercial where new jobs and living spaces are needed. Read more on

Sam Boraie —The Renaissance Man

Sam Boraie has become one of the biggest real estate executives in the country with his flair for marketing skills. Sam is the son of Omar Boraie who is founder and CEO of their family real estate company based in New Jersey, Boraie Development. Currently Sam sits in the company as one of three Vice Presidents. According to PR News, Sam’s main focus for his family’s company has been to find new developmental targets for the future of their company. Sam has spent the last two decades working to spruce up and create a vision for the city of New Brunswick. Sam Boraie and the company have also played a visionary part of the revival of Atlantic City, which is still trying to recover from an economic downturn. The company in general spear heads urban real estate projects and with Sam’s involvement, they hope to continue with their vision over the next five years. In an effort to enhance their projects and attract investors, Sam claims on the NY Times that they have a massive marketing campaign that even includes the likes of celebrities like Shaq O’Neil.

While real estate projects are definitely the forte of the Boraie development and Sam Boraie, he also is involved with numerous charities. One such charity that Sam sits on the board of is Elijah’s Promise. This organization was designed to help break the cycles of poverty in the community of New Jersey. Sam plays a vital role as he helps plan for the future goals of the charity. This charity provides food and other basic necessities to the people of New Jersey and empowers the people of the city to seek enjoyable and lasting employment. Sam also serves on the State Theater’s board of trustees, This non-profit organization has been the main recipient of Sam’s monetary donations. It is a historical venue used for entertainment and performing arts that hopes to enhance the lives of people by building the future of the urban area. Sam is the ultimate humanitarian and with his hand in many projects, he is sure to be a leading real estate mogul in the future.