Securus Technologies: Protecting the Community

Securus Technologies is an American telecommunications company which provides services to correctional facilities across North America. They are currently serving 1.2 million inmates, and their primary products are gadgets and software which assist the inmates and the correctional facility with their communication needs. Securus Technologies has been in the industry for so many years, and they have transformed to be one of the leading companies in the industry. The company is also dedicated in protecting the community through their technologies, and the police department is very thankful with the assistance that the company provides. Securus Technologies has been in a long relationship with their clients, and they stated that the services they provide is excellent and it surpass their expectations. The company is also keen in protecting their assets, as they spend millions of dollars annually for their protection.


Recently, Securus Technologies welcomed the positive remarks given to them by their clients, as well as the people from the community. They stated how the software produced by the company is essential in solving crimes, and how their voice calling technology can be used to find out the location of a crime, or to gather clues that will help solve a crime. People from the community thanked the company for being active in protecting everyone, and the police have shown a statistic that proves how crimes are being driven down by the use of technology. Inside the correctional facilities, jail guards are using the devices and the applications that Securus Technologies provided to track down inmates who are doing something illegal inside the prison. They have stated how they managed to catch illegal activities being done inside the prison, and how the perpetuators were apprehended. Securus Technologies stated that they will be doing their best to improve their services to protect the people and the inmates.





Securus Technologies Is Achieving Success

People talk about Securus Technologies achieving success. But I see it differently. I see it as the customers of Securus Technologies achieving success.

This is a company that has been focused on providing safety solutions through technology solutions. This way it is keeping inmates, their families, parolees and the community in general, safe.

I have seen how seriously Securus Technologies is doing this role. Safety has become a part of their DNA now. In fact, they have extended an Open Invitation to their clients as well as prospective customers to visit their Knowledge Center. This is because Securus Technologies is bringing out some innovation in the form of a feature or a product or even a new service. They want their clients to know more about it and make use of it in their operations in order to make the community a safer place.

I have also observed how the clients of Securus Technologies, who are mainly, jail and prison officials, continuously, give feedback to them regarding their offerings. And I am well aware that Securus Technologies is one company that takes this feedback very seriously. They are constantly incorporating this feedback into their product and services.

Clients have told them how they had intercepted a call between two siblings in which the older one is telling, the younger one how to answer when he is asked questions about a recent shooting. This gave a lot of valuable information to the authorities. Eventually, the case got solved this way.

There are a lot of formal letters as well as emails that keep on reaching Securus Technologies. These discuss various details of using their technology for solving cases. Next, there are questions asked about their covert features. Authorities wish to use it in order to arrest their corrupt jail officials and so on.