Alex Pall’s Foray From Hard-Partying EDM to Conquering the Mainstream

Whether you’re a long-time fan of their music or a recent convert, at one point or another you have found yourself caught in the synths of the Chainsmokers. Duo Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have a winning formula for creating layered electronic soundscapes dripping with vocals adding dimension and intimacy, something rare for the genre of music.

Alex Pall sat down with Mathias Rosenzweig to discuss his foray from hard-partying EDM to conquering the mainstream stating, “I was a DJ growing up. It was a hobby of mine… It’s scary being in the city pursuing something that feels more like fun than a job, and eventually,…I realized that dance music was consuming my life, and I really wanted to give it a proper shot.”

That proper shot started out with an almost ‘laugh-track’ entitled #Selfie, that allowed the duo to peak No. 1 on Billboard’s New Release chart within weeks of its release. “None of these people write the lyrics to their songs. We work with songwriters too but we write the songs with them—they’re about us.” It is this type of work ethic and altruism that takes Pall and Taggart to a professional and personal level that outshines any contemporaries.

On working with Halsey on the song Closer, Pall says, “She’s incredible…She has a very strong voice and she’s just very unapologetically her.” The song Closer came from a discussion Pall and Taggart shared on the tour bus making them feel a little nostalgic and wanting to write a song with vivid lyrics.

Pall has a unique understanding that electronic music being seen as unemotional and even cold and has incorporated heart into the duo’s identity, that even when working with other artists, he understands the need to be ‘unapologetically you’. “We make music for ourselves, and it’s really exciting that everyone else is enjoying it enough that they find some emotional connection to it.”

As for the Pall and Taggart, they plan on continuing to push boundaries and explore new ways to fuel their music, “I feel like it’s a good step from an identity standpoint.”