Brian Bonar: A Versatile, Visionary Business Executive

Brian Bonar is a talented, visionary leader. Born in Scotland, he earned a mechanical engineer degree from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland. He also has both an MBA as well as a PhD from Staffordshire University in England in International Business Development Studies.

After completing his education, Bonar spent the next 18 years working with IBM Europe. That enabled him to make connections with printer makers in Japan and Korea. Those connections would become valuable later in his career.

After leaving IBM Europe, Bonar held leadership positions in a number of companies. First he spent just over 4 years as director of engineering with QMS. There he was in charge of a team of software and hardware engineers. He then worked with Rastek Corporation as a vice president.

Next, he became sales manager of Adaptec and helped them to connect with printer manufacturers in Asia. In 1994 Bonar founded his own printer company, Bezier Systems. After running it for a year, he became vice president of sales and marketing for the printing company itec imaging technologies from 1995 until 1999.

Bonar then became involved in another industry. He was hired as president of Allegiant Proffesional Business Services a company which sold insurance products. He also became chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services, a position which he still holds.

Bonar was The Solvis Group’s chairman and CEO from 2003 to 2006. In 2006 Brian Bonar founded AMS Outsourcing and in 2011 he became CEO and chairman of Trucept, a temporary staffing and insurance services company. Bonar was also a member of the board of Warning Management Corporation, The Solvis Group, America Marine LLC, Dalrada Financial Corporation and Alliance National Insurance Company.

Recently Brian Bonar has become involved in the restaurant industry in San Diego, California. He hired Patrick Pontasy, an award-winning French chef and opened Bellamy’s. With chef Pontasy’s unique talent and Bonar’s vision and management skills, the restaurant was an instant success.

Bonar then bought a 144 acres of land and built a restaurant and event space called The Ranch at Brandy’s Canyon. The facility also has a working farm. It’s quickly becoming destination dining for locals and visitors alike.

Part of the reason for Brian Bonar’s success in so many industries is his wide array of valuable skills. They include turn around management, restructuring, process improvement, new business development, employee relations, finance sourcing, venture capital, private equity, sales, marketing strategy, and lead generation.

According to Bloomberg, many people describe Brian Bonar as being a strategy oriented, gifted man with the rare combination of problem solving skills and the ability to make things happen. Plus he’s bright, articulate and creative and he’s shown the versatility to be able to succeed in any industry.