Doe Deere – article recap

Doe Deere is one of the world’s favorite beauty moguls and a force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry. The Queen of Unicorns – as she has dubbed herself – lets readers in on her secrets to success. From humble beginnings to living the dream, Deere shares her life from start to finish.


Doe Deere was born in Russia. A budding entrepreneur at the age of 13, her first business was selling temporary tattoos to her peers. Deere has always been influential and creative when it comes to influencing and convinced her peers that wearing temporary tattoos was perfectly fine if that’s what they wanted to do.


Fast forward to the present era: Deere is still convincing women to do whatever they have the faith to do, whether that is living a cruelty-free lifestyle, wearing bright colors, or dyeing their hair the color of a mermaid’s tail.


How did Deere go from being a 13 year old girl selling someone else’s product to headlining her own international business? By taking things slow.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Deere’s fame certainly wasn’t reached over night. However, with careful planning, Deere has built her company into the force that it is today.


Her story starts off at FIT. Deere has always been a lover of fashion and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology to gain more knowledge of the fashion industry. She left school before obtaining a degree but not before filling her head with all things fashion.


Deere used her knowledge to launch an online clothing store, which she named Lime Crime.


Yes, Lime Crime started off as a clothing line.


Deere fondly recalls how she came up with the name, Lime Crime. A self-proclaimed unicorn, this queen has always been a lover of fairy tales. No one knows fairy tales better than Doe. That said, she knew just what it would take to make her business even more like a fairy tale: the right name.


Words, names, and titles in the fairy tale world often rhymed, so Deere spent a bit of time thinking up words that rhymed. After some time, she decided on the words “lime” and “crime.” According to Deere, these words sounded great together, and she really liked the way they rolled off of her tongue.


So she named her online clothing store Lime Crime.


In the fashion world, however, everything has to look good, including one’s face. Fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand, so what better to complement her fashionable clothes than a beautiful makeup look?


There wasn’t much makeup available, however, that would complement Deere’s style of clothes, so there was only one thing left to do: she had to create the makeup, herself.


Eventually, Deere decided to sell her makeup and to help promote it, she made online tutorials to help customers know just how to wear it in order to achieve her looks.15


The tutorials reached a great number of prospects, people liked what they saw, and the rest is history. Learn more: