Eli Gershkovitch Increases The Demand For Craft Beer

Millenials, who are known to be economy drivers, may be igniting a new era of craft beer. Craft beer has overtaken domestic beer to emerge as the most preferred beverage for young people globally. Microbreweries are quickly rising to prominence while traditional corporate beer companies become less popular. According to industry experts, the rise in cosmopolitan culture across the world could have influenced people to appreciate diverse flavors. Initially, only wine attracted connoisseurs. However, the growing demand for craft beer is attracting sophisticated consumers. The heightened beer diversity has sparked competition among breweries. This way, there is a variety of creative beer options (About.Me). Styles like bourbon barrel stouts and Vienna-style lagers have been featured in numerous beer competitions. U.S. Open Beer Championship is one of the beer competitions that attract hundreds of breweries who compete with top brands. Eli Gershkovitch has played a pivotal role in enhancing the demand for craft beers in Canada.

In 2017, Canada breweries stood out with their highest quality beers by winning 24 medals. Steamworks Craft Breweries, which is owned by Eli Gershkovitch, is one of the leading breweries in Canada. The company impressed the judges with their variety of leading craft beers. Eli Gershkovitch, who serves as the CEO of Steamworks, is an innovative brew master who has greatly impacted the Canadian beer industry. Driven by his principle of “you grow to meet demand or demand will shrink to meet you,” Eli Gershkovitch has created a unique business model, which is anchored on a foundation of innovation and improvement. This strategy has helped him to thrive in the highly competitive industry. Every year, Canada recognizes several microbreweries in Ontario, British Columbia and other populated regions.

Apart from his success in the breweries industry, Eli Gershkovitch is a pilot and a lawyer. While working as an attorney on liquor licenses, Eli Gershkovitch was exposed to the beer business. To this end, he established his own brewpub in Gastown. Unlike other breweries that produce 15-17 beers annually, Steamworks introduced only 6 beers in its first year. His legal skills and entrepreneurial spirit have helped him to grow the business despite of experiencing various challenges. The desire of Eli Gershkovitch to expand the business is at full-gear considering that his pale ale and pilsner are available in 85 government liquor stores and other private retailers.

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