Amicus Therapeutics Profile

Amicus Therapeutics is a United States-based company headquartered in New Jersey. For over two decades of professional experience, the company has always strived to become part of the business and health solution to the problems affecting their clients in and out of the United States. What sets the company apart is their business structure that incorporates their clients. The reason why they also strive to achieve customer satisfaction is to develop a nominated platform that attracts more clients to the company in a manner that is not paralleled in the business world. This is perhaps the reason why the company’s services are adopted on a massive scale.


Amicus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company whose services range from the resolution and provision of new medication for healthcare companies in and out of the United States. Where the business was founded in 2002, they had limited sources of funding. However, they went on strict with their business plan to achieve maximum capabilities in the investment world. Amicus Therapeutics Company attained their significance in the healthcare industry in 2007 under the FOLD trade name of NASDAQ (YahooFinance). During that time, their investment branding capabilities strived to assimilate working solutions for the sake of business growth.


In 2006, Amicus Therapeutics withdrew their support from NASDAQ following a subsequent planned offering ( During that time, the company was on the verge of collapsing in business. However, the business growth that assimilated working solutions in the business world was achieved through the FOLD Trade name given to them by NASDAQ. When Amicus Therapeutics Company withdrew from NASDAQ, they thought that better business solutions would amount to a working solution in a manner that is not capacitated in this industry. The reason why Amicus Therapeutics Company assimilated their business entities is that they worked for better business towards becoming the only solution in the world to achieve better business capabilities. Amicus Therapeutics also worked to associate themselves with the best in the industry through AMTX solutions intended to achieve their assimilation procedures. Amicus Therapeutics also received capital to help it grow further though companies like the Venture capitalists, Canaan Partners, and the New Enterprise Associates.