Michael Zomber: Forty Years Of Expertise In Ancient Arms And Armor

He has been a History Channel guest historian numerous times during the series called Tales of the Gun. He shared his expertise on the segments on Guns of the Orient, Guns of the Famous, Dueling Pistols, Million Dollar Guns, Automatic Pistols and Shotguns. Zomber is also a recognized expert on Japanese samurai swords. He is also a published author that has written several historical novels and has produced Soul of the Samurai, a critically acclaimed documentary film.

A husband and father of two, Zomber is a native of Washington D.C. and lives just outside Philadelphia with his wife and children. He attended UCLA where he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English Literature as well as a BS in Psychology. At heart Michael Zomber is a story teller. He has written over a dozen screenplays as well as several historical novels including Son of Kentucky, Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, Sweet Betsy, Shogun Iemitsu and Jesus and the Samurai. He also wrote Park Avenue, a book that looks at high level art auctions and is based on personal experiences with Christie’s, Sotheby’s and major auction houses. He also owns Renascent Films LLC with his wife Andrea.

More about Zomber here: Zomber as Producer

Michael Zomber is an expert in 16th to 19th century American, European, Islamic and Japanese arms and armor. He points out that French King Louis XIII, King Ludwig of Bavaria, Russia’s Katherine the Great and President Abraham Lincoln all collected and commissioned fine firearms. Zomber sees his role as someone who is preserving exquisite ancient arms for future generations.

Historian Zomber understands the futility and horrors of war. Therefore he supports a number of non-governmental organizations that consistently work towards and foster peace. Those organizations include UNICEF, Global Exchange, Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, Antiwar.com, Randolph Bourne Institute, Disabled American Veterans, The Smile Train and Get Lit.

Failing in School is not the End with Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an American businessman who does not attribute his success to mere luck. He instead says that success is as a result of hard work and determination. Having faced failure several times, he says that it keeps him on his toes and does not see himself above other people.

To inspire other people to be like him, he has published a book called They Can’t Eat You and uses his life as an example. Marc Sparks was not a bright student is school and graduated with a C grade. This did not discourage him. He put a lot of effort and is today known as an investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.

Marc Sparks has invested in several businesses and hence the title serial entrepreneur. Some of these businesses can be found in the telecommunication, real estate, and finance industries. He is a renowned venture capitalist meaning that he funds other people’s ideas and gets to profit in the process.

For your idea to receive funding by Marc Sparks, it must meet the following criteria. First, you must show some faith and pride in the product you are offering. Second, the product must be simple and straight to the point. Thirdly, he requires you to have a business strategy in your mind at all times. Finally, for you to receive some funding from Marc Sparks, the product you are offering must be unique and difficult to replicate by competitors.

Marc Sparks does not keep all the money he makes for himself but donates some to the less privileged. Being based in Dallas, Texas, Marc contributes for the Samaritan Inn.

Other than the Samaritan Inn, Marc Sparks is involved with the American Can! Academy. This is a network of magnets schools, and he is involved with raising fees for children from a poor background and supporting them with learning materials such as books and computers. Finally, on the issue concerning philanthropy, he is involved with the Sparky’s Kid Foundation where he helps poor kids. Marc has also built homes for the homeless with the Habitat for Humanity in the past.

As of today, Marc is involved with several companies. This includes Timber Creek Capital and Splash Media where he occupies the position of chief executive officer. Some of his roles with Timber Creek Capital involves providing financial assistance for his clients. Financial assistance can take many forms from capital, equipment, office space as well as banking services and marketing.

He is also involved with other firms such as Bonn Oir, Blue Jay Wireless, Cobalt Real Estate, and Agency Matrix.


Doe Deere Takes Lime Crime to New Highs

Doe Deere is the mind and driving force behind the phenomenal success of Lime Crime. She has maintained a sense of mystery about her personal life while at the same time being the model for her iconic makeup and her personal fashion statement that included blue chiffon hair and mixing unmatched clothing colors and patterns. Doe Deere and her Lime Crime Empire know no boundaries and this is a large part of her personal success. As fashions change and sometimes regress, Deere has found a niche with the newest leisure wear and sexually amorphous fashion styles. What was considered risque or outlandish yesterday is today’s accepted style. There is no going back for Deere who has made a fortune from these new tastes of modern young women.

Deere was recently interviewed and published in an edition of ideamensch. Within the interview, she expressed thanks to her husband and her only regret is that she did not start her makeup business sooner. While she sees the aggressive style of management as old school and not rewarding or productive, she does credit the book written by Donald Trump, Think Big & Kick Ass for inspiration and she claims that it will change the thinking of anyone who reads it. Read the entire interview in ideamensch here: https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/

It looks like Deere has changed from the Queen of Unicorns to the Chairman of the Board. She is now willing to mentor young female business people and will try to spread her business acumen to those willing to listen from the world of business to the small business person on the street.

Previously, there was much to like and admire in the Doe Deere, the Queen of the Unicorns. She was an inspiration to her followers, and her fashion and makeup statements with her as the model were tantalizing. She has a quality that is seldom experienced in the real world. She has stretched the boundaries of fashion, made a strong statement, and carries it all off with style and charm.

She is a celebrity whose followers share a sense of admiration for this Queen of Unicorns, and they and many of us can not get enough of Doe Deere.