George Soros Contributes Millions Of Dollars Towards The Criminal Justice Reform Agenda

George Soros is quietly overhauling the U.S. justice system through funding local district attorney campaigns. The billionaire hopes that this approach will help bring in progressive prosecutors into the justice system. This move will be a critical factor in pushing for criminal justice reform on Snopes across the United States. Over the past one year, Soros has spent over $3 million in seven local district attorney campaigns.

Although George Soros is known for injecting millions of dollars into the presidential campaigns, his new approach has caught many people by surprise. When he started funding the campaigns, most analysts believed that he was just interested in the candidate and not a complete overhaul of the system. For Soros, a reformed justice system is just as good as a progressive president and congressional representatives.

Most of the candidates that George Soros has been supporting have been of the Hispanic or African-American origin Soros does not base his support on one’s origin but his or her ideologies. All the candidates share similar ideas with the hedge fund investor such as reducing racial disparity in sentencing. The candidates are also fighting for directing some drug offenders to other programs rather than trial. This kind of reform may take long to achieve, but with success in a few districts, it would be easier to introduce progressive prosecutors on Forbes across the United States. Success of this strategy will end the era of conservative incumbents.

The $3 million contributed by Soros has funded campaigns in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, New Mexico, and Texas. The funds have been channeled through a network of state-level super PACs. George Soros sends money to the organizations directly from his accounts. The records of the transactions are available to the public. Different lobby groups have received donations from the Civic Participation Action Fund. To facilitate the success of the campaign, Soros has teamed up with an entity called ‘527’ unlimited money group.

In Florida, the local organization, The Florida Safety and Justice Group, has injected over $1.4 million into the local campaigns. Soros and his 527 group donated the money. The funding instantly revolutionized the local campaigns as it helped Aramis Ayala, the candidate backed by the organization, to improve her outreach. She is running against the incumbent, Jeff Ashton. Central Florida has a population of over $1.6 million people.

According to her ads, Ayala would like to use her future position to ensure that bias in delivering justice based on an individual’s background is eliminated. She will treat people who have committed the same crime in a similar manner. There has been a public outcry across the United States that African Americans and Hispanic criminals were being punished more compared to other Americans.

About George Soros
George Soros is a successful business magnate, political activist, author, and philanthropist. He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. Over the years, he has established himself as a hedge fund guru. Soros is the chairman of Soros Fund Management. According to Forbes, Soros is worth a staggering $24.7 billion as per recent estimates. Moreover, he is a major supporter of Democratic causes.

Waiakea: An Improved Brand of Drinking Water

Bottled water is one of the most under rated products in the beverage market, but it is a popular drink for consumers. Ryan Emmons exploited the potential of the bottled water market by coming up with a brand that has an environmentally friendly package and distinct health benefits. The founder of Waiakea water is proud to have ventured in to this market that is dominated by old businessmen. According to him, the industry comprises of entrepreneurs who are above 50 years and offers no tolerance for the youth.

Emmons success with Waiakea Water has caused many people to take him seriously. Waikea has grown 4000% since it was founded in 2012 when Emmons was 22 years old. The annual growth rate of Waiakea is 170% coming from 2,304 to over 122,000 cases worth of sales annually over a period of 3 years. Currently, Waiakea is worth $ 10 million, a fete that initially was hard to imagine.

Nutritious Brand

According to Emmon, drinking 10 mg of silica in water reduces one’s risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s.

The pH of the water is 7.8-8.8, which makes it a naturally alkaline product. The pH of pure water is 7. Water that is artificially ionized deceived one’s body that they are getting alkaline. Experts are against artificially ionized water and do not recommend it for daily consumption.

Sustainable Water

According to Specialty Food, Waikea water is located on 10M square miles in an ocean. Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water comes from rain and snowmelt on the peak of Mauna Loa volcano. Waiakea water comes from an aquifer with a 1.4 billion gallon recharge rate. It is packaged in a depot that utilizes renewable energy.

A PR New Wire report shows that the sustainability of Waikea water lies in its packaging. The package consists of polyethylene terephthalate that is 100 percent recycled and uses less manufacturing energy compared to virgin or regular plastic bottles. The method used to manufacture the bottle reduces carbon emissions by over 90% compared to traditional bottles. The bottle is also BPA-free.

A Charitable Initiative

Waiakea water has been involved in several charitable events in an effort to help the community. Waiakea joined forces with a charity firm called Pump Aid that offers clean water to the society. Up to date, over 1.35 million people are beneficiaries of this initiative.

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